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FLUX's Classic Bikini combines style with function. Holding up to two tampons' worth, they are a dream to wear day and night and can be worn leak-free for up to 8 hours. 

The super thin gusset means they feel like normal undies but keep you fresh and dry all day. For heavier days choose FLUX Bikini Period Pants - Heavy Flow.

Made from OEKO-Tex certified materials they are perfect for periods, leaks & incontinence. 

- Made from sustainable TENCEL™ modal fabric
- Lightweight, yet substantial 
- Soft, stretchy and comfortable
- Period-proof, holding up to 15ml

- Quick-drying
- Brushed matte finish
Approximately 4 million disposable pads and tampons are flushed per day in the UK alone. These reusable period-proof undies reduce waste by 99.5%. 
FLUX's Classic Bikinis are made sustainably using TENCEL modal from Austrian based company Lenzing. The fibres are manufactured in an award-winning circular closed-loop process, meaning that chemicals used in processing are captured and reused. 
TENCEL  modal is manufactured from the beech tree, which is a renewable crop and considered carbon neutral when taken from a responsibly managed source. It is biodegradable, meaning at the end of its life, the fabric can return to the earth.